Monday, March 16, 2015


find text bellow, typed 

Against the wall books made of not books.

A chair exploding in an orgasmic release of pages matches the moans and groans accompanying the film-cum-poetry reading on the other side of the room.

The space asked us to mark places in books where we felt or saw something that was worth it.

There were book markers and chairs to help us.

This is the first post written away from a computer, by hand, at the 


Chairs where you're invited to sit and see what had mattered in these books (what does, what will matter).

A case full of bits formed in books, an ultrasoundimage, a suicide note of sorts, a love note, lottery tix.

Things I found that were marked. In Beowulf (revising and resubmitting now, I swear): 

Blood-spilling pig.

From Thomas Moore, Soulmates

"Just as imagination is a sign of the soul at work, or even is a sign of the ego doing everything it can, especially through rational understanding and control to keep soul locked away." 

This was marked, and I agree.

What I bookmarked: The Way of Living according to Lao Tzu:

'Yeild and you need not break.'
Bent and you can strengthen,
Emptied you can hold,
turn you can mend..."

It's akin to a bit from The Art Or War; 
"if one cannot be strong, yet cannot be weak, defeat will inevitably follow."

We read so we can bend, bend into each other in the ways we need to curve.

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