Monday, December 21, 2015

DIY Gifts Part II: The Thank You Note

Does the idea of writing "thank you notes" make you feel (or look) like this? Even in our fast-paced, electronic world, one must still send them. The craft, and gumption, for the hand-written thank you note has largely fallen out of style. Fear not, gentle reader, I am here to tell you exactly what to do.

First, begin with a perfect, 8 line template (change as needed). The important thing is that it is handwritten (preferably with soy-based ink) on an elegant card or note paper (obviously recycled). 

The template looks like this:

Line 1: Dear _________,

Line 2: Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift of __________!
Line 3: It really means a lot to me that you thought of me, and sent me something so special during the crazy holiday season.

Line 4: I know ‘thank you notes’ are a bit archaic, but whatevs, I wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and feeling grateful for our friendship.

Line 5: (Now, this is the most important one): I’m not being cheesy, I really did appreciate _______..... So much so that I put (them/it) to fast use (as you can see in the enclosed picture).
Line 6: I/we had a lot of fun with _______ at _________.

Line 7: Lots of love, hope to see you soon.
Line 8: [use whatever kind of salutation you prefer.]

So, back to sentence 4, you lazy bum, you actually have to take a picture of yourself enjoying the gift. Here’s the kicker. You must then GO OUT to a CVS/Rite Aid or some place to print your picture from your smart phone so you can actually put it in the envelope.

I know, it can be tricky.  Let’s say, for example, you’re gluten-free (like me) and someone gives you a box of beautiful, hand decorated sugar cookies. More importantly, there are certain people in your life that you might not know how best to show you are enjoying their gift—in this case, sugar cookies.

I present to you five different ways to show your enjoyment for the purpose of thanks, for five different social circles. Again, edit as needed.

Situation 1: Competitive Frenemy

Line 5: I’m not being cheesy, I really did appreciate the cookies! So much so that I put them to fast use (as you can see in the enclosed picture).
Line 6: I had a lot of fun with them at the bookstore buying your birthday present!*

(seriously, don't give anyone this book. It's pretty much a handbook for anorexia.)  

Situation 2: Potential Lover (who is too shy to pull the trigger)

Line 6: I had a lot of fun with these naughty little cookies at home while thinking of you......

Situation 3: Work Colleague

(Line 5 is the same as above for all the situations)

Line 6: I/we had a lot of fun with them at my desk while you were on vacation with your mistress in St. Thomas.

extras: use a meaningful book in regards to the work you're doing. suggestions:


Situation 4: Spiritual Friend From Hot Yoga

Line 6: I had a lot of fun with these gifts and I think they really helped me unlock the tension I’ve been carrying in my lower back. Namaste and a happy new year!

Experiment until you find a pose you can hold while balancing cookies (lest you drop them curl up into child's pose):

Situation 5: That Family Member That Keeps Asking When You Are Going to Get Married.

Line 6: I had a lot of fun eating my feelings in bed while reading chick lit  (There's Cake in My Future) and regretting all of my life choices!

Since this is for a family member, they will looooove to get pictures of you. So make sure to take a lot!

Seriously, they love you, so send many!

I cannot stress enough how happy your loved ones will be to get personalized thank you notes. Fridges don’t have enough pictures on them anymore these days anyhow.

Also, special thanks to my photographer, Leah, and Sprinkelista Bakery. They taught me how to decorate the cookies!

And last but not least, thanks be to winter break. I know I'm not the only one that needs it now.

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