Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hell Thy Mushrooms!

Guys! Guys! Guys! So this thing happened..... I am interrupting my regularly scheduled mushroom narrative to tell you about the thing that happened! And it might have something applicable for the SuperFoods tomorrow, so I'm posting it now!

I ended up back in Oneonta, NY for dinner. (Oneonta will be later referenced in the open letter to students, which is coming as soon as I let go of some rage re: bus attack.) I was at the Red Caboose. I got to try 3 ground meats! 2 in burger form, 2 in meatballs! Win-win-win.

Got to chatting with my, in my opinion, Anna Paquin look-a-like waitress about the things. Told her I thought she was a doppelganger, and she was like, "cool, because I want to be famous someday!"

"For what?"
"Food stuff. My boyfriend and I have a youtube/videoblog thing (I don't remember what she said, making things up) for healthy junk food!"
"OMG no way, I blog about food, kinda! Do you have anything on mushrooms?"

And thus threads were formed. I asked her to send me two videos, one with a mushroom thing, and one that is more of her favorite-stuff they do.

The one she likes, the one she sent me cold, that is more her style, HAS WILLIAM SHATNER IN IT. Synchronicity is a bitter, bitter mistress (see my "Dirty 33" for more on this

More importantly, watch their video on HOW TO MAKE KFC Nashville Hot Chicken!

Granted, I don't eat the chickens, so let me know how it goes.

And then came.... the mycophilia. The Portobello Cocktail Melts.

Their name, Hellthyjunkfood, reads as a Shakespearian condemnation to me. "Hell, thy food is but hands without fingers!" --Adapted from Titus Andronicus. And I like it.

More importantly they're funny. She told me the story of why they started doing it, why they kept doing it and where they want to go with it. I can dig it.

And yes, if someone makes me these gf-sandwiches, I will eats them.

Go watch all their videos:


  1. Just stumbled upon this blog post! I can dig :D

    1. Thanks, JP! I want to dig my face into all the foods y'all are making. Do you have a position open for guest-taster?